Philosophy of Data Science Pulse

The problem with the Data Science field is that massive hype surrounds it. As a result, many people jump into Data Science without understanding what it is all about and where they need to start their journey. Whether Data Science is for them at all.

This site will help the readers (both beginners and professionals) by equipping them with the knowledge to see the under the hood. By under the hood, we do not mean “under the hood implementation” of any Machine Learning Algorithm. It means that there will be concrete steps in the form of roadmap one can follow to understand the Data Science field as a whole.

Mission statement: to capture the new developments in the Data Science field and to place them in perspective such that beginner or professional can easily understand where does it belong.

Now and then, we see the surge in the new technologies, but the fundamental question remains the same. Do we need that new shiny tool or the latest brilliant algorithm for solving our business problem? Not. Maybe Microsoft Excel or common SQL queries will do. It depends on the problem we are trying to solve.

By applying black-box models blindly, we are approaching an era where we don’t understand why we do the stuff we do. Explainable AI is one thing, but do we need AI in the first place for a particular problem is another.

In short, this site will consolidate the new developments in the Data Science field and provide perspective to the overall picture on where does it fit.

About Me

I am Ajay Kumar Nagaraj. I mostly work in Python and do not pigeonhole myself to specific languages or frameworks. A good developer is receptive and can learn new technologies. I believe software is the most effective way to touch others’ lives in our day and time.

I’m passionate about making people’s lives better through software. Whether it’s a small piece of functionality implemented in a way that is seamless to the user, or it’s a massive scale effort to improve the performance and usability of software, I’m there. That’s what I do. I make software. Better.